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Habibi.Works - the FabLab of the Future by Soup and Socks e.V.

A project from Soup and Socks e.V.
in Katsikas, Greece

Habibi.Works is an extraordinary FabLab for self-determination, development and encounter. The workshop spaces allow refugees and Greek locals to share knowledge, skills and to create useful items which facilitate their daily life. Support us!

Florian H.
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About this project

Soup & Socks (e.V.) is a German non-profit organisation, founded at the peak of the European Refugee Crisis in December 2015. Within only 8 months after the date of foundation, the organisation developed from providing selective emergency aid, to implementing the long-term project Habibi.Works, and thus became an empowering actor based in the North of Greece. Habibi.Works is an intercultural maker space and platform for education, empowerment and social encounters for refugees, greek locals and international team members. It consists of 10 different workshop spaces: Wood and Metal, MediaLab, Community Kitchen, Sewing and Creative Atelier, Bike Repair, Library, Gym and Community Garden.
Apart from being a space where people can create, learn, teach and meet the project allows those who have been stuck in this situation for years to use their time constructively. We work at eye level with people. We support them to create solutions themselves. We listen to their ideas instead of telling them what to do. We encourage them to share their abilities and expertise and to gain transferrable new skills. Habibi.Works is a living example of the values we would like to see in our societies: respect, solidarity and equality.
There are currently over 115,000 refugees in Greece and the number is growing every day. There are almost 3000 refugees living in the region of Epirus; most of them without access to psychological support, the labor market, dignified living conditions or the Greek society. This highlights the importance of Habibi Works and the impact on the community. We have a total user base of 1400 makers using our space. Besides the practical support on the ground, the organisation raises awareness for both the situation and the talents of people who came to Europe as refugees, setting positive counter points against a growing, populist narrative in our societies. Since the very beginning we have been completely dependent on private donations, grants and prizes. 
Habibi Works has been the proof that among many people, we can change things. We are reaching out to you to invite you to make a contribution and become part of this project. Your support will allow brilliant, hard-working people who are making an effort to build a new life, to unfold their potential.
Thank you for your Support,
 The Habibi.Works Team.