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Habibi.Works - the FabLab of the Future by Soup and Socks e.V.

Habibi.Works is an extraordinary FabLab for self-determination, development and encounter. The workshop spaces allow refugees and Greek locals to share knowledge, skills and to create useful items which facilitate their daily life. Support us!

Florian H. from Soup and Socks e.V.Write a message

Habibi.Works – The Peak of Do-It-Yourself

Habibi.Works is an extraordinary FabLab featured by the nonprofit organization Soup and Socks e.V. to provide platforms for education, empowerment and encounter. The workshop spaces (kitchen, wood workshop, metal workshop, silkscreen printing, creative atelier and Media Lab) allow persons living in the nearby refugee sites of Katsikas and Greek locals to get active, to share their knowledge, to gain new skills and to create useful items which facilitate their daily life. 

Besides improving the living conditions and enriching the life of the users in an innovative and practical way, the project aims to raise awareness in other countries about the situation in Greece and the lack of political responsibility within the European Union. 

Since the start in mid 2016 the team already succeeded to reach out to other camps and locations, while the 700m^2 workshop became a center of encounter, not only for refugees, but also for local students and other NGOs from the field. Moreover Soup and Socks e.V. is one of the organizations making an effort to connect projects and makerspaces in Greece and Europe to consolidate them in a common network. Unfolding the potential of people. It works.