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Closed Help for destroyed Suryodaya Secondary School in Kathmandu, Nepal

help suryodaya secondary school nepal kathmandu

G. Radermacher from FAW/n UlmWrite a message

The Suryodaya Secondary School in Kathmandu was severely damaged by the earthquake of April 25, 2015. As a result, the buildings had to be demolished. Due to the demolition work, the school terrain was almost unusable. The financial situation of the families is critical. Some of the children lost one or both of their parents.
Thanks to a major financial contribution, the school was able to build provisional tents and continue with classes. Furthermore, with these funds, new school buildings were built. The works were organized and monitored by a German specialist, who has been hired for this purpose and travelled frequently to Kathmandu.
Since the funds provided so far have been spent for these necessary emergency provisions and the construction of the new school building, we are ask you for your help to complete the project and give the children their beloved school back. The school urgently needs funds for:

• New school furniture
• A safe school yard, including fencing
• A waste-water system
• New sanitary facilities
• A rainwater collection system
• A new library
• A new computer room
• A multipurpose hall

In addition, you might be interested in sponsoring a child’s education. Such support costs between 200 and 1600 EUR/year, depending on the scope of the sponsorship. Due to logistical reasons, we are unable at the present moment to have the donor select a student of his/her choice. Therefore, the funds will be assigned according the urgency of the required support. After the funds have been partially submitted to the school, we will present the supported children in our project updates.

We need your support for this project Please donate to the Suryodaya School and help us give the children their smiles back.

Every Euro counts!

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