Blocked Kick it! Football for the future in South Africa

An aid project by “CARE Deutschland-Luxemburg e.V.” (B. Meinardus) in Soshanguve, Township close to Pretoria, South Africa

B. Meinardus (Project Manager)

B. Meinardus
Stay on the ball - choose life

In South Africa CARE uses the soccer passion of the children to educate about HIV / AIDS. Please support us with a CARE-football package!

Who kicks the ball at the football field here in Soshanguve, the second largest township in South Africa north of the capital Pretoria, often has no parents. So that the children do not spend their time on the road the CARE partner organization Rephele provides them with physical education - and also a support program in which they are made aware of the dangers of HIV / AIDS, drug abuse and crime.

The project also persuades with prominent supporters: "The League Foundation has set itself the goal of helping children across all boundaries. Therefore we look even more forward to provide valuable help to the country where the World Cup takes place and which is particularly affected by AIDS." says Kurt Gaugler, Director of the Bundesliga Foundation.

"CARE works in the sustainable charitable sector for decades. Therefore we are confident that we have found the right partner." Also the cabaret artist Horst Schroth is committed to Kick-It: "The Kick-It-project conveys much more than sporting ability.”

The goal is to strengthen children and young people mentally and physically through sport and education. They learn how to handle their life even under difficult conditions on their own. In a group they experience a sense of belonging and community.

Your donation counts!

For the responsible use of donated money CARE is recipient of the DZI seal of donations and the PriceWaterhouse Coopers Transparency Award 2008 (1st place) The exemplary defined needs are urgently needed. We guarantee that your donation will benefit the project in South Africa.

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Location: Soshanguve, Township close to Pretoria, South Africa

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