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ROCK YOUR LIFE! Mannheim e.V.

A project from ROCK YOUR LIFE! Mannheim e.V.
in Mannheim , Germany

ROCK YOUR LIFE! supports deprived pupils to achieve educational success and to start their careers with the help of a university student.

A. Stutz
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About this project

About us:
In Germany, educational achievement is still strongly connected to one’s social background. Notably children and teenagers raised in poorly educated families or with a migration background are likely to be less successful. Based on these facts, ROCK YOUR LIFE! aims to help pupils become confident and responsible through a 2-year mentoring programme with a university student. Thanks to the ROCK YOUR LIFE! programme, pupils succeed in starting their career or moving into higher education and thus in realizing their individual potential. The volunteer students develop important skills and social competencies as mentors, which are particularly helpful for their career and they too are able to realize their full potential. Companies cooperating with ROCK YOUR LIFE! benefit from highly motivated and determined prospective employees.

What we are planning to do:
To encourage more pupils, university students and companies to join the ROCK YOUR LIFE! organization, we are conducting an event in Mannheim on the 19th February 2016. This event will bring in famous speakers talking about topics like social responsibilty and educational equality to give the invited representatives of different organizations in the Rhein Neckar region a better understanding of our work.

Your donation will help us to host this event for our existing and potential new partners. Our aim is to build long-lasting partnerships which will contribute to the ongoing success of our mentoring program and enable our pupils to get an insight into different occupational fields.