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An aid project by T. Mando in Berlin, Germany

Since November 1st, 2016 projects, whose organizations are not recognized as charitable efforts in Germany or Austria, can no longer collect donations on Learn more about these changes

T. Mando (Project Manager)

T. Mando
Who exactly benefits from the donations?
The syrian refugees that have a long experience in the market and they are looking for a new job. Moreover, the initiative will target the Syrians who are looking for training, skill building, and internships. Finally, we will try to support, in terms of profession, those who lost their documents in the war and they don't have the prove of their skills back home.
How do you know the persons concerned respectively what relation exists between you and them?
I am in a daily contact with the Syrians for many reasons; I manage a page on facebook that publish and translate job opportunities with full contact information and instructions in Arabic. Here is the link:
I participate as well in the supportive events toward Syrian refugees in Germany generally and Berlin sepcifically and I assist them with my web designing skills like creating and editing a website and enrich its content.

Who wants to help?
Me and a big team with previous experience in Germany and its regulations and market dynamics. The door will be open as well for skillful trainers who are willing to support and enrich and the initiative with their experience.

How do you want to help and how will this help be implemented?

Firstly, I will launh a website in Arabic & German & English, to publich and offer job opportunities in Germany and publish workshops and short trainings for Syrian refugees.

I will communicate with German companies and introduce them to a platform where they can put their job opportunities in and be able to check a list of available employees that might fulfill the requirements of these companies.
Moreover, we will work on launching short courses about how to enter the German Market and introduce them selves in a proper way in front of the German companies, Ex: Indtroduction to the German regulations, CV patterns, public relations.....etc.

More information:

Location: Berlin, Germany

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