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Daily Food for 800 students in Kibera Slum

Nairobi, Kenya

With this fundraising campaign we want to finance the daily breakfast and lunch for 800 children aged 3-14 years at the "Global One Kibera School". Thank you very much for your support!

O. von Malm from Start Somewhere gemeinnützige GmbH
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I am Oliver von Malm, architect from Innsbruck. In 2011 I came as a student on a world trip to Kenya to the Kibera slum near Nairobi. Kibera is one of the biggest slums in Africa. In 2010 the UN estimated the total population of Kibera at 500.000 to 700.000 inhabitants and named population densities of more than 2000 people per hectare. Strong poverty characterizes the settlement and the pollution by waste, sewage and faeces is enormously high, accordingly the disease rate caused by it. 

Most families in Kibera cannot afford more than one meal a day. Every donation, no matter how small, helps to ensure that we can continue to cover the daily meals of 800 students at Global One Kibera School. Start Somewhere always acts as a non-profit organization. 100% of the donations go to the respective purpose. With our personal contacts on site we have been working together with trust since 2011. Through regular visits to Kibera we convince ourselves of the developments on site. 

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