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Mindfulness Project - help us build a learning centre in rural Thailand

Ubonratana Dam, Thailand

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Mindfulness Project - help us build a learning centre in rural Thailand

Ubonratana Dam, Thailand

We received a payout of €10,471.03

Christian C.
Christian C. wrote on 06-08-2020

 What a year! We had big plans for this year until the Covid-19 outbreak changed everything! 

13 volunteers and 8 team member where locked in the project and we were not allowed to go into the city, only 2 people were allowed to go shopping, our temperature was monitored every day and one day we had the head of the police, the immigration officers, the ministry for health and the governor in our project. 

Some of the volunteers ran quickly out of money but due to your donations we were able to not have to send them back to Italy or the United States. A different kind of charity work and the Mindfulness Project became a refugee camp. 

Now provincial borders are open and all volunteers and also all team members are gone home. We try to survive, keeping with only 2 people the whole land going, trying to save what we can save. 

Thanks to your donations we were able to buy some protection rubber cement paint for our toilets and showers and so far the structure is ok during this rainy season, beside one room who has damage. 

So we have much more time now than usual and right now the majority of our energy goes into helping the Child Help Foundation/Orphanage to survive, too. The Thai people were scared to go there, so they were lacking donations tremendously and could not even pay water or electricity bills any more. Also we are in the process of starting a reforestation project with our monastery together. 

Also we use some of the donations to make raised garden beds, buy more trees and still try to get the trees up!

So stay tuned and we will keep you updated and thank you million times for your support which makes us survive. 

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