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Mindfulness Project - help us build a learning centre in rural Thailand

A project from Mindfulness Project e.V.
in Ubonratana Dam, Thailand

We need your help to create an eco-village and learning centre in the poorest region of rural Thailand. Our aim is to educate westerners and Thai people alike on permaculture and natural building methods to work with nature, not against her.

Christian C.
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About this project

We need your help to create an eco-village and learning centre in the poorest region of rural Thailand.

The Mindfulness Project
The Mindfulness Project is a revolutionary system that will improve the possibilities of sustainable living world-wide. We are a German Non-profit organization with a spiritual foundation, dedicated to planting 100% of our donations straight into the ground. We are located in Isaan, the most drought ridden part of Thailand where 98% of the forest has already been destroyed.

Sustainable living
By this we mean working with nature rather than against her, and creating community. The world needs our help, and the change has to come from within. The Mindfulness Project provides a working retreat which enables us to build an eco-village and learning centre, whilst volunteers are immersed in a healing environment enabling them to transform their lives.

We use a combination of modern scientific methods with ancient philosophies to promote personal development and healthy living. So we combine yoga, meditation, and spirituality, with nutritional guidance, psychology, and talking therapies.

We also use this combined approach in the fields of integrated agriculture, green building, alternative energy and recycling.

  • Practice sustainable living with international volunteers
  • Heal hearts, the environment, and our relationships with each other 
  • Provide education opportunities to local Thai children
  • Create space for western volunteers and Thai people to connect
  • Become a learning centre for permaculture, natural building, yoga, and meditation
  • Restore healthy biodiversity in our community
  • Secure access to food and water for local people 
  • Educate volunteers in the Buddhist way of life 
  • Create an example of environmental and social utopia to show the world another way of living 
  • Long term reforestation of Thailand

The future of the project starts now. To build the magnificent eco-village of modern earthen buildings needed to become a learning centre, we need the right tools and infrastructure. 

We can’t grow without your support! We are completely run by passionate volunteers so 100% of your donation will go to providing essential building materials, tools, garden supplies, and infrastructure to grow our project.

We have the expertise, we have the local partnerships, and we have the people to do it -- all we need now is you!

Thank you for making this possible!

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