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Rehearsal-Studios von children- and youngster-bands

Wuppertal, Germany

The Rockprojekt Wuppertal covers the needs of young pupils-bands whick want to rehearse after school and on the weekends. 2 rooms are fully equipped and satisfy the needs of already 10 groups. We could run a third venue if some sponsors help.

Martin Krane from "Rockprojekt Wuppertal e.V."
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The Rockprojekt Wuppertal is a no-profit-organization. Our aim is to help young people to complete each other on the field of popular music, either pöop, rock, rap or whatever they dream to do. We already offer 2 complete studios equipped with drumst, guitar- and bassamplifiers, keyboard an public adresse system (PA) for the singers. Usually many schools have equipment, but so very rarely offer their students to rehearse after school, no staff available to survey those bands and their activities. The Rockporojekt Wuppertal already offers 2 rehearsal studios fully equipped whith what a band needs. And coaches to help the beginners. Anyway - it's not enough! We have space, but we urgently need a theird venue, there are mussing 2 sound-prooved special doors so bands may perform next to each other. We need about 3.500 €. So we can help more than 12 bands which already perform in teh 2 existing rooms.

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