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Cultural Relief Program – Training the Trainers

Mardin, Turkey

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W. Hauck from dieKunstBauStelle e.V.
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The aid project is carried out in refugee camps and with local NGOs in Turkey. We currently translated our help in Flüchtlingsklager Nusaybin (Turkey, on the Syrian border), in Mardin "Art Anywhere Association) and the Iraqi Khanke a. There cultural and culture-generating projects are made possible, with those wonderful educational and implemented art educational activities with children and adolescents.

An important component and starting point of the work is ''Theater on Stilts ", then music, Kostümbau and common learning culture techniques to improve the bleak and hopeless everyday minors.

For this we need stilts, material for costumes, games and instruments. We train older teens who then in a Ponzi scheme, other young people can pass on their knowledge and skills.

With the donations we buy the material is available on site tund they handed over to the coach in the refugee camps. So we form small teams, which then gradually grow locally.

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