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Closed Bismorgen e.V. - suicide prevention for children and adolescents

Our project ‘’ ’is about establishing an online-peer-consultation for suicidal children and adolescents in Germany where children and teenagers in situations of crisis can anonymously get advice and support by peers via email contact.

S. Masur from Bis Morgen e.V.Write a message

(Bis Morgen = german for 'see you tomorrow')

In Germany about 12.000 people commit suicide every year. In 2010, 600 of them were children and teenagers younger than 25 years old. Experts estimate that the number of suicide attempts is at least 10 to 20 times higher, although there is a high number of unreported cases. Despite these alarming numbers people talk about suicide rarely and especially youngsters don’t get informed enough because suicide is still a taboo issue in our society.
We, a group of students from the Furtwangen university of applied science, looked at this subject within our project and set ourselves the goal of establishing an consultancy-website for children and adolescents which are in difficult phases of their lives
Within our project ‘’ we want to create an online-peer-consultancy for suicidal children and teenagers. this means that young people in situations of crisis can anonymously receive advice and support from peers via email contact. The peers themselves will receive a training from a pedagogue and supervisions on a regular basis by a psychotherapist to resolve conflicts and problems as a team. The dual concept will be used to protect the peers and to assure the quality of consultation. The website will also appeal to relatives and otherwise affected. The project is addressed primarily to children and adolescents since the numbers in this age group are alarmingly high. Their generation spends a lot of their free time on the internet, in consequence the internet is often the first address when help is needed. Furthermore, many are feeling insecure to contact personal counseling services and prefer to get in contact with someone anonymously.
Also, there is a big need of consulting facilities in rural areas where young people are not mobile and the use of advisory services is a huge effort. By creating a website we make accesssing of consultation easier.

The children are the future of our world. It is in our interest that this future is alive and healthy.

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