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Trans* Visible - support and knowledge for trans*inter*queer human rights!

A project from TransInterQueer e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

Trans* Visible is a multimedial empowerment project by TransInterQueer, Berlin-based organisation for and by trans*, intersex and queer people: working on issues like trans* and age, trans* and sexwork, transphobic hate crimes, trans* in the media...

L. Wild
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About this project

Trans* Visible is a multimedial empowerment project by TransInterQueer, Berlin-based organisation for and by trans*, intersex and queer people. We are happy to introduce ourselves to you by this flyer:

Trans* Visible by and for trans, intersex and queer people: knowledge and support for acceptance - against violence. Workshops, empowerment, an archives. An exciting project we've started in early 2015.

As we need to cover one fifth of the total project costs per year ourselves, we kindly ask you to support us! To make you know better what Trans* Visible about, please read further:

Trans*Inter*Queer and Age: DIY media reports on topics related to age and gender identity, planning of a volunteer service for elderly trans, intersex and queer people, networking with multipliers in the field of nursing

Trans and Sexwork: multilingual brochure and workshops by and for trans sexworkers; needs assessment about how useful advice and support should look

Trans* Hate Crime: development and start of a nationwide databank with cases of trans* hostile violence, discrimination and hate speech

"Gender Sender": multilangual workshops for trans, intersex and queer people, in which autobiographical themes are creatively implemented and made available as DVD. Workshop dates:

Media Watchdog: In September 2015, we have started the Trans Media Database:, with hundreds of journalistic products about trans issues that will be continuously updated; interested people are trained in the use of the database; in addition, we train journalists, organize workshops and bring together lawyers familar with trans rights with lawyers familar with media law

Trans*Inter*Queer Archive: since November the archive has regular opening times (biweekly on mondays). Trans, intersex and queer publications can be researched, readers with private, journalistic or scientific interests find information.

"tiBlogs": trans people share podcasts and videos related to issues around trans and nonbinary identities on the media platform "tiBlogs".

Lobbying: networking, talks and knowledge transfer (law, medicine, associations), for the improvement of the German "transsexual law" TSG and the depatholgization of trans people in Germany and internationally

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any questions, further ideas or comments:
Project coordination: Clara Thoms,
PR / Fundraising: Leo Yannick Wild,