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A project from Masifunde Bildungsförderung e.V.
in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Masifunde educates the youth of Walmer Township in Nelson Mandela Bay to become Changemakers. As active members of their society they contribute towards sustainable development in South Africa. Support change - with just 1 click:

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About this project

Hi! We are Masifunde: In Nelson Mandela Bay, we educate the youth of Walmer Township to become Changemakers. Our intention is to train them to contribute as active members of their society towards sustainable development in South Africa.

The Changemaker training is a combination of academic and extra-curricular activities. Our learners are tutored and guided on a daily basis. In various talent groups, they explore and discover their skills in order to develop their individual potential. In our social programs, they learn to apply solution-oriented concepts with the mission to implement these as projects in their communities.

Starting at grade 3 the training takes 10 years - until the end of high school. Today more than 200 children participate in our Changemaker program. Through workshops and series of events, these young role models have taken over responsibility and already shared their vision of change with more than 2.000 other children of their communities.

We strive to educate more children to become Changemakers and encourage them to break the cycle of poverty. With a commitment of 10 EUR you enable a child to benefit from our Changemaker training for one month. Our aim is to support 10 groups with 20 children each.

This is how you can help:
- Be part of our campaign!
- Make a donation privately or as our corporate partner
- Support the training of new Changemakers

Therefore we guarantee:
- All donations benefit the training of young Changemakers in Walmer Township 100%
- We present companies with their Logo as our partner at
- Donations registry is data protected and made via a certified donation form

You can register as a partner of our campaign and promote Changemaker education until 01.08.2016 . Learn more at
For questions and for details please contact David Holly at or Christiane Bergner at

Best regards and thank you very much on behalf of all Changemakers!
David & Christiane