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Life is not a game - Angehört

Angehört explains refugees in the shelters in Berlin and Brandenburg the asylum process and prepares them for the interview with the German government.

Anne-Marie K. from AngehörtWrite a message

Once in Germany, the difficulties of fleeing your home country are not over. The asylum process is filled with bureaucratic hurdles. This process is hard to understand - especially, if you had to leave your country, your family is still there, you live in a shelter without internet and most of the information is only available in formal German. This is the reason why refugees need simple and easy to understand information packages.

Our diverse and international team in Angehört, which consists of lawyers, social workers and other professionals and students, brings this information directly in the refugee shelters in Berlin and Brandenburg. Together with our 30 volunteers and with natives in Arabic, Farsi and Pashtu, we have been offering this service every week since 2014. Our knowledge packages consist of information on the general asylum process and on specific moments, such as the interview with the German government. Without this knowledge many refugees face more difficulties here in Germany.

One example: During the interview an asylum seeker needs to present all the reasons why he/she had to flee and it ends by signing a protocol. Many asylum seekers are afraid to speak up, if they find mistakes in the protocol. However, it is nearly impossible to make changes in this document after signing it and it is decisive for the decision on the asylum case. Once the erroneous protocol is signed, asylum can be denied although strong reasons for refuge might exist. This horror scenario can be prevented by simple knowledge transmission.

Until now, Angehört has financed its work through irregular donations. However, the rising numbers in asylum seekers are bringing us to our personal limits! We want to increase our trips to more shelters, but need extra materials (dictionaries, handbooks, official forms, train tickets) and translators.

Help us to reduce the asylum seekers fear for the complex system and to welcome them properly to Germany. Let us build a structure together, because a welcoming culture needs a welcoming structure.

Thank you!
Your Angehört Team

Note: The donations will be handled through the assocation "Vielfalt statt Einfalt in Frankfurt (Oder) e.V."

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