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Learn for Life Empowerment Project,Varanasi / India

A project from Learn for Life, Deutschland e.V.
in Varanasi, India

Learn for Life, Badi Asha, Big Hope, School and Women Empowerment Project, Varanasi, India

N. Seregni
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About this project

The Learn for Life Empowerment Project is an international confederation of non-profit organizations and social enterprises that work together for the upliftment of disadvantaged people, through welfare projects on education, livelihood, women empowerment,healthcare and the creation of fair working conditions for everyone. The project consists of the Badi Asha School, Brown Bread Bakery, Tailoring Project and the Tour Guide Project.
Badi Asha in Hindi means “Big Hope”. The school provides free education, for ~140 children from kindergarten to grade-6, aged 4-16 years old, who reside in the impoverished Aurangabad district (Varanasi).
In addition to a child-focused,creativity centred education and a safe environment for learning and play,
we provide our students with uniforms, school supplies, 2 healthy organic meals and healthcare free of cost for the children and their families. We also provide assistance with secondary school tuition for our alumni.
Brown Bread Bakery is the social enterprise for our restaurants, a bakery and a guest house in Varanasi and a restaurant New Delhi where we also have a bakery under the brand Organic German Bakeshop. The project provides free Vocational Training and employment for underprivileged section of society, while promoting sustainable organic farming and local food production. All the trainees receive a salary and are provided with healthcare and fair working conditions. Recently we started a cooperation with Salaam Balaak Trust in New Delhi.
Tailoring Project is committed to Community and Women’s Empowerment: the all-woman staff is trained to design and produce tailored goods which are sold under the "LEARN for LIFE" brand, as well as to manage storefronts and the online shop.All products sold are hand-made, and many fabrics used are hand-printed or hand-woven.All women are provided with a fair salary and free healthcare.100% of profits go to further support the project.
We also started a new vocational training for tour guides in Varanasi.The training provides classes in Computer, English, Economy and History/Culture classes.
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