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Palestinians, Israelis and Internationals for Social Change

A project from DACH deutschsprechender Gruppen zur GFK e.V.
in Jericho, Palestinian Territory

Ecome is located in the Palestinian Territories /Israel and is inviting people to learn Nonviolent Communication and much more in community. For people to connect, create personal ties and friendships and possible future joint projects.

A. Müller
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About this project

EcoME (Ecological Middle East) is a community, study and visitors center located at area C in the Territories under Palestinian Authority, where everyone is able to enter without needing a permit which is a very unique situation in this region. We are inviting all to learn together how we can live in peace, respect each other, ourselves and nature. It is a project that has been founded in the year 2000 by a young Israeli couple and this year’s core team consisting of a fresh and new group of committed young people from Israel, Palestine, Germany and Kenya as well as a wider circle of supporting volunteers. EcoME’s vision is to create a space where people can meet, regardless of nationality, religion, political affiliation and experience community and deep encounter.
And this is happening right now! Encounters between people from Israel, at times even living in settlements and people from all over the West Bank, even Gaza are having the opportunity to meet in a personal and supported frame.
Our center is open to visitors every day, offering workshops by local and international trainers in different fields like Nonviolent Communication, Yoga, music, dancing, Arabic, Hebrew and English classes as well as daily formal and informal sharing circles. Thus we want to connect people to create of hopeful new leadership and networks who can work together back in their communities.

Your donation will support directly our training for Nonviolent Communicaion from the 10th-19th of March 2016!

"What I want in life is, compassion, a flowi between me and others, based on mutual giving and taking".

Nonviolent Communication is a way of communicating with each other and goes far beyond. The model was developed by Marshall Rosenberg, a US-american psychologist in the 60ies. It is showing a way beyong right or wrong, accusations and feelings of guilt, judgments and the fear of the reaction of others how I should be and what I should do. NVC is offering tools to develop our capacity to perceive ourselves and others empathicly and to accept and express ourselves the way we can really listen to each other. For further information please see; Center for Nonviolent Communication.