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Closed New shoes for Refugees in Berlin

This initiative is to purchase shoes for refugees in Berlin who are currently wearing flip flops, slippers, or nothing on their feet. High quality shoes can be purchased with your donations for an average of 10 euros per pair.

Rebecca D. from Rebecca D.Write a message

Every day, many refugees arrive in Berlin, Germany after journeying for weeks or more to get here from dangerous war zones. Often, they walk hundreds of kilometers and have no belongings other than the clothing they wear. By the time they get here, their shoes are in pieces and often must be thrown out. Thousands of refugees in Berlin do not have adequate footwear. They wear shoes that are falling apart, flip flops, slippers, socks or even nothing on their feet as winter approaches.

I have connected with someone at Deichmann's, a shop selling quality footwear here. We are getting a generous discount on already reduced shoes. On average, a good quality pair of shoes can cost us anywhere from just 6-15 euros!

I am starting with a group of 40 youth from age 14-18 years in desperate need. None of them have shoes! I will then move on to my local shelters which house approximately 200 people each, and depending on how successful this campaign is, I would love to be able to move onto even more shelters!