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Closed School benches for new school in Mushapo (DR Congo)

A project from Aktive Direkt Hilfe e.V.
in Mushapo, Congo (Democratic Republic)

In 2011 ADH Congo started a sustainable school and agriculture project in Mushapo (DRC, Africa). The project offers job opportunities for teachers and free education for children. For the students we need proper school benches with integrated tables.

M. Bödeker
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About this project

The Democratic Republic of Congo is home to one of the largest populations in Africa and boasts a multitude of natural resources. Civil wars, rebel groups, corruption, and a lack of infrastructure have led Congo into an alarming state of economic and political instability. This state of affairs has caused one of the largest developmental issues in the country: a lack of educational and financial opportunities for the rural population. Increasing numbers of Congolese are therefore making their way to major cities and metropolitan areas that are unable to cope with the influx. Many end up on the streets, or caught up in criminal activities. About 50 % of children in Congo don’t go to school, either because there is no school nearby or because they can’t afford the school fees.

Five years ago, ADH Congo made it our goal to slow this exodus by creating jobs and schooling opportunities for those in rural communities. In 2011 we started to build a school in West Kasai in Mushapo, a village with about 1500 inhabitants which has no electricity, no running water, no medical care and no school until we started one. This school project gives job opportunities for teachers and allows the children the opportunity for an education without school fees - something almost unheard of in Congo.

Our school grew steadily. In 2012 we could open our school for 120 children from Mushapo. September 2015 school started for 500 children which also come from the 3 surrounding villages. We are very happy to serve so many children. However, our job doesn’t end here. There are still some needs for the school and this is where you come in!

Until now we invested all our resources into constructing the school buildings, paying the teachers and doing agricultural projects to feed the people. Until now the students sit on simple wooden boards, and they need proper school benches and tables to make their schooling more productive. Each school bench and integrated table costs 20 Euro to produce. The crafting of the benches will be done by locals. One bench seats 2 students which means we need 250 benches to accommodate all school attendees. In total 5000 Euro must be raised to realize this goal.

With your help we can make Congo a betterplace!