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Closed Support the Nomadic Residential School Puga in Changtang - Ladakh

Fund-raising for the Nomadic Residential School Puga in Changtang, Ladakh Division in Jammu & Kashmir, India. Education for the children of the Changpa Nomads.

Sirpa M. from Sirpa M.Write a message

After two successful fund-raising on my website in 2014/15 I now want to collect money more efficiently for the year 2016.

The nomadic school of Puga is far remote from all ourselves intelligible infrastructure, geographical isolated and it's the only way for the Changtang Nomads children to get at least a rudimentary education.
Through donations from the Indian Army, solar systems, solar panels and 2 wind turbines were installed in the past, there are also two diesel generators. That is the theory. During my visit in Sep 2015, I realized that basically nothing does work. Even a deep drilled well fails without electricity; Thus, the water must be pumped by hand. That could change next year.

With the help of YOUR donation and the support of my local friends, such as Thinlay Dorje (Project Coordinator at LEDeG-Ladakh Ecological Development Group), I would like to organize the maintenance of the above plants on the spot. My travel costs and associated charges are of course covered by myself. With the donations I will only pay professionals, spare parts and if possible, additional solar panels and more solar lamps.

The nomadic boarding school in Puga in Ladakh (J & K, India) is a place for children who belong to the Changpa Nomads. They life in the Changthang Plateau in the Himalayas at altitudes of over 4,400 meters. The school offers catering, accommodation and tuition in a warm and safe environment for kids aged 4-16.

The school was opened in 2004 by Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, Leh (LAHDC). Previously the school together with equipment, tent classrooms and teachers moved along with the nomads from camp to camp.

This life did not seem particularly conducive to the development; Seasons change, the nomads have to switch repeatedly to new pastures for their animals. This is a difficult life for children, with little stability and limited opportunities to go to school.

If you want to know more, be sure to check out this great documentation:
"Six Souls Of Puga: THE WIND OF CHANGE"

I am Sirpa and visited the Changthang region several times and met very generous people ♥. Despite their very hard life under harsh conditions they are happy! With very old traditions and at peace & harmony with Mother Earth.
Unfortunately, her life becomes more complicated by climate change. This is one reason why I want to support their children for a better future.