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Closed Humanitarian Aid Transport by Welcome Help!

A project from Welcome Help! e.V.
in München, Germany

Humanitarian Aid Transport from Munich by Welcome Help! #welcomehelp #nerds4refugees #refugeeswelcome #thejungle #calais #slovenia #dobova #sentilj #spielfeld #presevo #gornjaradgona #idomeni #athens #noborder

Andreas T.
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About this project

After our successful four own aid transports (end of October, November and December and January) to Slovenia and France, we want to start again in February!

You can help us financing following things for our next tour:

- Transporter/Sprinter rent
- Gasoline and toll
- Urgently needed donation goods like emergency blankets, food for babies, and more...

We will start as soon as we've got enough financials to go.
The next destination will be in Croatia, Serbia or Turkey.

We would be also very very happy if we could find great people which can donate a transporter or even a part of it... ;-) Thanks so much!!!

You can follow each of our transports on Facebook:

Thanks a lot and Welcome Help!

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