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Closed Education by light: Solar lights for Ghana

“Renewable Energy Aid (REnAid) International e.V.” supports the subsidized sale of solar lights in Ghana.

H. Wulff from REnAid e.V. Write a message

"Light and lamps are are natural for people in Europe. Everybody knows how to turn on the light" explains Hans Wulff, President of REnAid, but in many rural areas in Africa less than 10% of the population has got access to electricity."

Many households are dependent on expensive and carcinogenic kerosene lamps which deliver only low light. "simple and easy solutions such as the use of solar lights is an important step on the road to the future of renewable energy" says Hans Wulff. " Through enabling the access to light we specifally support education. The relevance of education becomes apparant based on the sad examples of Ebola and the current refugee crisis. Awareness and education are the best tools to avoid the spread of the virus and to allow a life with perspectives for their future."

For this reason initially 500 solar lights for rural areas Ghana shall be financed. Early darkness throughout the year keeps the kids from doing their homework. However, the solar lights will not simply been given away but sold at subsidized prices by local dealers to also support the existing infrastructure.
With the donation of 30.- EUR you will cover the costs for the solar light, the shipment and distribution and long-term maintenance.

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