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TeachSurfing - Bridge barriers with knowledge exchange

A project from TeachSurfing gemeinnützige UG (haftungbeschränkt))
in Berlin, Germany

Integration of refugees is a two-way process and there is a need to share and to learn in both directions. We support refugees, visitors and locals to share their skills and culture by organizing personalized educational events.

Gretta H.
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About this project

Among the refugees there are musicians, scientists, engineers, cooks, and many other skilled personalities. On the opposite side, there are locals who carry precious knowledge about country-specific topics such as language, culture, rights, politics, and many more.

We give refugees and locals the opportunity to become connected and to exchange knowledge during personalized workshops which we call TeachSurfing events. This way, we create new communication channels between refugees and the local population and establish starting points to overcome cultural barriers. We believe that bringing people together and sharing knowledge can help to bridge gaps and build tolerant communities based on respect and understanding.

We are a small team of volunteers working towards our vision, and we need your help to reach and inspire more people. Your donation will be used to organize more TeachSurfing events!

Already today, there are skilled personalities sharing knowledge via TeachSurfing.
TeachSurfing Events offered by refugees:
- Khaled is a refugee from Syria, where he worked as a language and biology teacher and guitar instructor in Damascus. We are helping Khaled, together with 5 other Arabic-speaking volunteers, to organize workshops for teaching Arabic to over 40 locals in Berlin.
- Amani is also a refugee from Syria, and she has experience in organizing educational workshops for children and parents. We supported Amani to run a workshop for 35 participants in a kindergarten in Berlin.

TeachSurfing Events offered by locals:
- Michael and Stephanie from Berlin support refugees to learn German. Via, they got in contact with a language school which organizes German courses for refugees. After a short training they started to engage as language practice partners for 15 refugees.
- Adnan, a Berlin resident with migration background, is sharing his experience of living in Germany with refugees. We organized a presentation for 15 participants, which we captured on video and made available online. So far, it has been viewed over 1200 times on Youtube.

If we reach our fundraising goal, we will be able to create 18 more TeachSurfing Events in 6 different topics during the next 6 months. Your support can enable the knowledge exchange between more than 400 event participants, refugees and locals, as well as the digitalization and publication of the resulting content.

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