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Soup kitchen

A project from Bulgarienhilfe- Albstadt
in Elena Region Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Many of the retirees in Elena Balkan Mountains Elena and surroundings get only 118 leva pension 60 € They would without our joint soup kitchen with the city Elena hardly survive the winter

J. Müller
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About this project

The soup kitchen in the small town of Elena in the Stara Planina Mountain is a great thing .. A device which we have been supporting for years and where cooperation with the mayor is just great. Many of the older people in the small villages get about 60 € a month and pensions are on the food, which is cooked there instructed. Unemployment in the small town located at about 70%. For the elderly often the only contact on the day when the food is delivered and often the only hot meal of the day. This time I just quoted to me once a few figures: A meal in the soup kitchen will cost 2.30 leva a little more than one euro. It also calculates the power, the petrol money for export, etc.
Currently, prices are when buying food as follows:
1 bread about 0.50 € 1 kg minced approximately € 3 and 1 kg of pork from 4 to € 5
Should it not be possible in the coming year to finance a grant us for soup kitchen as above all people will suffer, which get no pension
A fulfilling day we are experiencing in the municipality Elena, in which we support for the next 3 months the soup kitchen. Engaged Mayor visited with us the small kitchen, where we see our delivered years ago aprons of a nursing home in Albstadt in use.
Again devices from the test tube and the car, which extends the food to the villages ,. is over 40 years old. If we had the money, then would certainly be a scrapping premium due. Especially the old people in the surrounding villages have no way to get into town, as there is no bus service and many of the villages are hard to reach in the winter. Along with the mayor we fill from the portions, potatoes and half a sausage, for many of the people before the kitchen waiting for the only hot meal of the day. These people can be seen at the emergency, careworn faces, marked by a hard life and now receive a pension of 50 or 60 € per month. Here you just have a good feeling, and certainly every donation is applied for here. The people who work there friendly and outgoing and the shy question used kitchen appliances from Germany