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Provide on-site assistance and not wait until poverty forces people to flee

Capiatá, Paraguay

Thoughts before the opening of the children's center with social kitchen in Paraguay, South America: - Help for children in the developing world, Latin America - Combating famine, drugs, theft and prostitution of children - Promote training on

T. Kaute from T.I.K. Kinderfondsstiftung | 
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About this project

Without any deduction for administrative costs, every EURO gets directly with the children.

The last census of our residential area here in Capiatá, Paraguay contained the number of 350 children in 87 families who are taking less than 90 US-Dollar per month, so we have built a social kitchen for children and opened on 5 January 2014 in which we offer daily for 100 children a warm meal and a glass of milk.

Confident of Christian charity we built the social kitchen at the site of a chapel. But the competent pastor closed our kitchen after almost 2 years of operation without prior consultation in October 2015. An intervention with the bishop and several newspaper articles, television reports and radio messages in neighboring Argentina and in Spain will lead to nothing.

100 children have to eat outdoors, no bathroom and running water now. From Spain, a tent was donated to us by now. WE CONTINUE COOKING !!! under the trees, of course voluntary.

The aim of our small "Fundación PFN, Paraguay" (please search on Facebook under this name and "like" app) recognized by President Horacio Cartes and Ministery de Interior and tested by various government agencies , it is: after we bought with their own money a property, we want to build on this a new social kitchen with education center for children. Unfortunately, our money is enough only for the purchase of the land, but not for the new building. For this project (new building) we need an amount of 12,500 EUR.

If you believe that hunger must be fought on site, help us by donating 100 children to give a roof over their heads, where we can support their education and provide them with a meal. Please donate now!
Updated at 18. September 2020