Build a school with us!

An aid project by “Geyje Norling Monastery” (K. Hill) in Lumla, India

K. Hill (Project Manager)

K. Hill
The Geyje Norling school is a convent school of the Tibetan Buddhism. The educational establishment is a part of the cloister. The school is in Arunacal Pradesh, India on the edge of the Himalayas. For about 150 years it has accommodated about 40 Tibetan monks. The school teaches Mahayan Tibetan Buddhism Sutra/Tantra for monks, nuns and the children of the surrounding villages.
Now the cloister wants to make space for 350 monks and
Nuns. Also accessibly to a bigger community is planned. It becomes Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism, Sutra and Tantra learned. We are also glad to meet our friends from the whole world here after the construction is finished and hope they can learn in the Geyje Norling cloister with us.

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Location: Lumla, India

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