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A project from Miracle Orphans Care Foundation
in KAMPALA, Uganda

We wish to provide a descent, comfortable home in which we can care for and support the homeless and destitute orphans and other vulnerable children in rural Uganda to give them a human chance in life and hope for the future. Thank you in advance

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About this project

Miracle Orphans Care Foundation was founded to care for, support and empower Orphans and other vulnerable children in our communities in Uganda. We do this by providing a home to the homeless, destitute orphans and vulnerable children and support them with basic needs and a descent education. 

However we keep the children in a temporary structure which isn't the best as we are working hard to complete the construction of a new home where we hope to transfer the children. We hereby request all our supporters and anyone reading this who would like to create a change in the lives of these children today, make any donation to our account to enable us complete the intended orphanage home so that the children can live in a comfortable and pleasing environment. Any of your contributions will be highly appreciated.

The next level of need in the construction is the building the last 5 courses of bricks and roofing which requires 4,545 US dollars.

This project is supported by the Maecenata Foundation, Munich/Berlin: