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Good to know: What are the dangers of laser printers and copiers?

A project from nano-Control, Internationale Stiftung
in Hamburg, Germany

nano-Control optimizes the information about health risks caused by toner, laser printers and copiers—determined for the international public—via, and, Facebook and Twitter etc.

H. Krüger
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About this project

Only when you are aware of dangers, you can protect yourself and others effectively. Informing the population is, therefore, the most important task of nano-Control. With this project we would like to optimize our offer of information because everyone sould know the following:
Particulate matter damages the respiratory tract, can lead to heart attacks and strokes, are according to the WHO carcinogenic and let shrink the brain. More than 3 million people die of particulate matter annually. Particulate matter does, however, not only come out of exhaust pipes and industry chimneys but according to the Federal Government also out of laser printers and copiers. Millions of people almost daily and over years breathe in the unfiltered emissions of these machines, without knowing and without protection, with severe consequences. With your help we will improve our information:
• As exciting as a detective story: modernizing our web pages, optimized for mobile devices and multilingual.
• Professional photos of a dusty technology and its severe consequences.
• Competent and compact: our flyers.
• Optimally networked, at Facebook, Twitter & Co.
• Evaluation of the state of studies and comprehensible presentation.
• Web forms improve the communication with people affected and within our team.
• Newsletter, not only for people affected.
• A modern database will become the information pool for the whole work.
Hard and software, design, translation and photos cost about 5,000€. But this is worth it. The global and fortunately avoidable pollution of our respiratory air can only be stopped by an optimal information of the public and public pressure on politicians and manufacturers. Your donation also helps for this purpose!