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3. Nation-wide training for student activists in German refugee projects

Bochum, Germany

Training for student activists in German refugee aid projects.

M. Baldschus from UNICUM Stiftung gGmbH
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On December 8th, 2017, UNICUM Foundation holds its third seminar for student members who engage in refugee aid projects from all over Germany.  An attorney specialising in refugee law, a trauma psychologist and an anti-racism expert will deliver their profound knowledge and experience and supervise discussion and exchange among the participants. 

Why? Because without students, help for refugees is at risk. In many refugee shelters they are essential as companions, supervisors, translators, language teachers, nannies and sports buddies. They can offer their time while others must work in their jobs. To many refugees, they are person of first contact to the German population and provide important pilot services to those who wish to integrate, study and work as soon as possible. This is most valuable, for the refugees as well as for the students' education.

The seminar is recognised and partially sponsored by the German Ministry of the Interior (Home Office). We have a financial gap of 3.000 EUR and ask for donations to fill this.

 Foto: Annika Middeldorf