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I triggered a payout for these needs:

Sopheap P.
Sopheap P. wrote on 15-11-2016

As we will no longer receive donations, and betterplce will be deactivated the feature to collect donations on our organization profile “Botumsakor Community Development Organisation”. We would like to express our gratitude with many thanks to all donors who had donated and supported our project so far.

Recently we can help sharing water to 42 families, about 180 people and there were and will be much more share in dry season. To afford this they also share us some diesel for the generator and helping fix the the broken pipes and others when needed as well.

We will try our best in keep sharing water to villagers as much as we can afford and we hope we try to expand this needed to help out more people in the future even the project is closed.

A donation amount of €2,234.35 was requested for the following needs:

  • Ground water-well €1,500.00
  • Waterbasin €434.35
  • Pipes and Installation €300.00