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Closed Help to run our sanctuary for elderly dogs in Northern Germany

Blomesche Wildnis, Germany

Helf for elderly dogs sanctuary in Northern Germany.

H. Thiel from Omihunde-Netzwerk e.V. | 
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About this project

Sonnenhof (sunny farm) ist a small sanctuary for old and very old dogs run by our animal welfare club "Omihunde-Netzwerk e.V." (grannydogs-network).

In our animal welfare work we found that there are special old dogs that could not live in a normal family surrounding, too quick, too loud, too many different people......Some have never lived in a stable family home, some are so ill, that they will only have a few weeks left in their lives......varios reasons for giving them the chance to live their life in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere off the hectic life of today.

We always host up to 14 dogs living with us in the house in one group. There are facilities to seperate but no cages oder kennels. All dogs have free access to our gardens, to all rooms of the house and horse stables. We take them to walk into the wood or along the river Elbe, they have plenty of warm and cosy beds and those who want are allowed to sleep in our beds.

Our intention is to copy family life without the difficulties they would face in real family life.

Every dog gets high quality vetenarian treatment and we have gained so much experience with elderly dogs that we can also give them a good time even up to terminal care.

Please help us by donating and supporting this wonderful project.
Updated at 18. September 2020