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Funded Help for elderly dogs in Germany

Blomesche Wildnis, Germany

Animal rescue for elderly dogs in Germany.

H. Thiel from Omihunde-Netzwerk e.V.
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Animal rescue in Germany mainly concentrates on young dogs. As soon as an old dog elder than 10 gets into trouble there is hardly any help to find. But old dogs sometimes also need strong and devoted help, i.e. if their owner suddenly dies.

We started our project in 2010 and put old dogs into our private foster homes in order to find lovely new families for these truely awsome companions.Elderly dogs often have special needs and need urgent vetenary care. 14 dogs find their permanent home at Sonnenhof Blomesche Wildnis, our special residence for dogs with special needs.

These lovely old dogs always loved and suppurted their owners. Now

Of course it is difficult to find new forever homes for them and the costs of vetenary treatment are immense. We permanently host about 40 dogs all over Germany and could host at least twice as many, if we had capacities and money. This is why we need your help. Please help us to treat our dogs. Please support us.