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Closed By the coach on the Balkan route - humanity crosses borders!

Humanity knows no borders - by the coach on the Balkan route. Auxiliary project from Hannover starts in March, 2016. We would like to support people along the Balkan route humanitarian. For it we need your support!

V. Reineking from V. ReinekingWrite a message

Dear .., we are Isabell and Victor from Hannover-Stöcken. We are pedagogues who already worked with refugees here in Hannover for a long time and now we decided to go even further. Through working with refugees we met many of them which gave us a first impressions of the difficulties they had to overcome while fleeing. One of them told us that he had to walk for ten days and that he travelled a whole month from Damaskus to his destination here in Germany. During that time he was being robbed, imprisoned and they separated him from his family. Such experiences make us wake up! Due to the current situation for refugees we plan an auxiliary transport and local humanitarian support. We are going to provide an emergency supply for refugees in danger, who risked their lives, got robbed and sometimes never reach their destination. Starting in Hannover on the 14th of March 2016 we will move from Germany over Austria and Slovenia to Croatia and Serbia. The trip is planned to last three weeks. To make this project possible we need your help! We require a certain financial support for things like the rental fee for our van or fuel costs. We will record precisely that the money is only used for the costs of the project. We are going to buy whichever goods are urgently needed locally. But most should be taken from Germany. Everyday, thousands of people risk their lives on Balkan Route. They are expelled by war in their home countries and have to survive many days without food or water. Croatia for example does only let a certain amount of people per day enter their country whereas Hungary doesn't let anyone enter, which causes the death of many refugees. Families and children are left alone as there aren't enough aid organizations near the borders. Most of the time the only chance they have is to spend the night in these areas. Then they have to walk for days. One part of them reaches the next station but not every person is able to survive this exhausting struggle. Several gangs try to profit from the people in need. For our project we already get supported by lawyers, the local press and some private citizens. We need your help! If you have any questions feel free to contact us personally anytime. For recent information please click on news