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Empower Uganda, Football Tournaments in slum areas


Empowering young adults in East Africa, through soccer tournaments.

Bernd from mt:28 gGmbH
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Uganda is a country in East Africa marked by poverty, child mortality, aids, malaria, crime, and a lack of medical resources. Our ministry, MT:28, aims to help the people of Uganda improve their lives personally and spiritually.
Our work in Uganda includes:
- Football tournaments for young adults from the slums
- Evangelism in the whole of East Africa
- School and prison outreaches
- Humanitarian aid
- Business Start Ups
- Help for self-sustainability

We reach out where no one wants to go, in desperate places and slums areas.
Our aim is to share the love of God throught the vessel of soccer and other outreaches.

Our desire is to reach out to as many of the unreached as possible, thats why we do soccer tournaments in all kind of different places, We do them in the slums of Kena, Nairobi. On the Somali border. In the north of Uganda where there was war for around 15 years, many traumatised childs soldier are left behind.
We do not only offer soccer tournaments, but expect from everyteam participating that the come with a written buisness proposal. So of course one team wins the trophy at the soccer tournament, but even those teams losing, can still achieve the buisness start up for their team. So the buisness start ups are there to empower the youth as a team and help their community. The best buisness proposal wins and then is actually empowered to do this start up. Being mentored by a local Pastor they actually are able then to realize their first buinsess.

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