Funded Assure Food - Avoid Starvation

An aid project by “Weltfriedensdienst e.V.” (K. Steinitz) in Conakry, Guinea

K. Steinitz (Project Manager)

K. Steinitz
In co operation with the self-help organisation ADECOMA we are fighting hunger and poverty in the region Mali in Guinea. With adapted methods of cultivation and processing as well as intelligent marketing, we want to enhance living for some13,000 people significantly, of whom approximately 85 per cent are threatened by malnutrition.
The average income per year of the Guineans accounts for only 400 Euro. This is less than 2 Euro per day for food, housing, clothes, education and health. The actual doubling of prices of staple food represents a serious threat for the life of the poor – alarmingly shown by hunger revolts such as in Haiti and Egypt.
In close co operation with the lokal population measures were developed to secure alimentation: Protection of cultivation area against animals, extension of irrigation systems and water reservoirs, afforestation as protection against erosion, especially by fruit trees such as mango, avocado and orange, the acquisition of solar dryers for womens goups, who are now enabled to conserve fruits and vegetables and last but not least advanced training in this complex.
First promising results encouraged the people: More and more peasants want to enter the project to fight hunger of their children and themselves. You can help too!

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Location: Conakry, Guinea

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