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Closed Strengthening involvement of Youth in local communities through skills&VIDA

A project from Youth Nest Uganda Ltd
in Kampala, Uganda


J. Mutembuzi
J. Mutembuzi wrote on 28-10-2015

Uganda has a big challenge of a labour force that is largely under or unemployed due to inappropriate skills, mindsets and the slow labour absorptive capacity of the economy. The result has been a large number of unemployed youth who are becoming a social and economic threat. The failure to match the skills and attitudes needed in the economy creates a gap in the human capital which is critical for economic and social transformation.

Many developed countries have evolving ideological frameworks based on the shared values concept. These frameworks help to evolve and anchor a national identity by incorporating various elements of the country’s cultural heritage, attitudes and values.

Culture is a symbolic communication of a nation’s skills, knowledge, attitudes, values, and motives learned and deliberately perpetuated in a society through its institutions to propel socio-economic transformation. The lack of a shared Ugandan culture and national value system has created divergence in perceptions, mindsets and attitudes given the diverse nature of Ugandan people. It has thus, limited unity, spirit of patriotism, national identity and constrained integrity and lack of appreciation and value for the common good. This partly accounts for Uganda’s lag behind countries that were at the same level of development with it in the early 90s and is one of the constraints to Uganda’s socio-economic transformation efforts.

Youth Nest Uganda therefore, popularizes a value system based on a shared national Vision to guide the behaviour and culture of the Ugandan young people through Village Development Associations (VIDAs). This will facilitate the convergence of various Cultures and strengthen unity in diversity of the Ugandan Youth hence nurturing of a progressive society with positive attitudes, values, and mind-sets.

In addition, deliberate programmes with a specific focus on skilling and creating a shift in thinking and practices amongst the Ugandan people and more especially the young are being developed and implemented. The values that will be inculcated will include acknowledging our destiny, putting the nation first, unity, respect for each other, diligence, cooperation, self-help and the respect for human rights, good governance, transparency and accountability and skills like making eco stoves, solar panel installation and maintenance, marketing and distribution and a forestation.

This way, Youth Nest Uganda will create a population that cares about its country and masses who are well informed about their roles, duties and obligations in nation building and environment protection.

The need to mobilize, sensitize and train people, especially the youth, to establish VIDAs, appreciate and participate in the transformation process cannot be underestimated. This will facilitate development of a common identity and enhance civic responsibility. It is important that young men and women as the country’s most important resource are equipped and developed to get involved and play a meaningful role in the reconstruction and development of their households and the country.

Village Development Associations will be empowered to work through an organized system in terms of mobilization of young people; skilling, supply and marketing geared towards growth so as to promote a social business model and strategically these groups will be strengthened to work as development and market platforms for communities and the partnering companies from the private sector.

The action offers a dynamic framework through which to understand and assist youth to realize their potential and in addition, deliberate programs with a specific focus on creating a shift in thinking and practices amongst the Ugandan young people will be offered through VIDA. The VIDAs will elect their leadership committees of 9 people get registered with the District authorities to be more recognized and to be able to conduct their business legally.

Joseph Mutembuzi
Programs Director
Youth Nest Uganda.

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