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Upgrading and Makeover Abu Al-Souad primary school in Cairo

A project from Universität Stuttgart, Städtebau Institut
in Cairo, Egypt

A group of architecture and urban planning students are engaged to improve the learning conditions in the school in Cairo, “Ezbet Abu-Qarn”.

Borbala K.
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About this project

The living conditions in informal settlements in Cairo are unfortunate. Despite the distinctive location near old historical Cairo, “Ezbet Abu-Qarn” faces profound problems: poverty, lack of infrastructure, poor hygienic conditions and absence of basic facilities. Since 2011, “EZBET Project” has been organized collaboratively by University of Stuttgart in Germany and Ain Shams University in Egypt together with the NGO “AlshanekYaBalady” (AYB) to improve the situation of "Ezbet" community.

“Abu Al-Souad” the only school in Ezbet. It hosts over 1400 children from the six grade. Pupils are distributed in 24 classrooms in an average of 60 children per class. However, the learning conditions are drastically below standards. In order to improve the learning conditions, the school needs urgent renovations. After the implementation of the project, the new classrooms, the playground and its facilities will be equipped and used by the NGO.

It is organized under the cooperation of the master program “Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design” (in Stuttgart) and EZBET Project. A group of architecture and urban planning students are engaged to improve the learning conditions in the school. We aim to transfer theory into practice following the idea: „Build together, Learn together“. After the analysis and design phase in Stuttgart, we will travel to Cairo to join our Egyptian colleagues with the local community for the construction phase.
Our task is to deliver design proposals for new reading pavilion, reuse abandoned classrooms and develop indoor and outdoor spaces. The designs follow low-tech building techniques. Out of seven design proposals, the best was selected for implementation representing the highest quality architectural product. Building materials were carefully selected to fit local climate and vernacular building techniques. For outdoor spaces, shaded areas are designed for open classes, reading pavilion, playground, or sitting areas for resting and chatting. The playground has built-in units for playing, climbing, jumping and freely moving spaces. The newly organised design for the classrooms addmore spaces for computer room, teacher room, library and reading space. The new rooms are naturally ventilated and lit during the daytime.

A group of 15 students from the faculty of architecture at the University Stuttgart from 10 different countries. We want to implement and realize this project together with EZBET team, students and residents of Ezbet Abu Qarn. Thereby we want to demonstrate to the residents what can be reached with community initiative, few resources, and local materials to design better spaces.

To make the implementation possible, your support is highly needed. If you are interested in the project and need further information, do not hesitate to contact us.
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