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Closed Support our Winter Magic !

A project from Bürgertreff-Ost e.V.
in Dachau, Germany

The magic of winter in Dachau East is back this year to get to know an important event better and to be able to escape the daily stress for a few hours . The musical support completes everything .

C. Klotz
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About this project

This year there is the second time our winter magic. Last year this was already a great success with around 600 visitors. This year should this be removed. We want the next musical offering and the children's program, offering a raffle and sale huts. The 6 cabins to be used every year. The magic of winter is to be expanded and temporally in the coming years. This year he will be held until 19:00 clock on 06/12/2015 from 15:00. It creates a very intercultural come together in our neighborhood and throughout the city.
In addition, a hut is made in favor of asylum seekers in Dachau with its domestic products. This should not only be an opportunity of getting to know, but also to set an example that a cooperation is always better.
Our project partner is Pfiff e.V. Here also offers inclusion will take place. The magic of winter is supposed to represent an attractive offer in our district Dachau Ost long term.
In order to build these huts we need a total of 4500 EUR. Because here honorary much self-service is provided, we can keep the price so low.

Help us to take this step.