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Construction of five teacher accommodations for the St. Peter’s School

A project from Kirchengemeinde Lichtenberg
in Bombo Kalule, Uganda

Construction of five teacher accommodations for the St. Peter’s Secondary School in Bombo-Kalule, Uganda, which provides a secondary school education also to students and orphans without means.

D. Nimz
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The story of St. Peter’s Secondary School in Bombo-Kalule, Uganda, is proof of how much is possible with brave self-engagement and confidence in a project’s success.

The mother of our school’s founder, Ronald Mulondo, died very early and left her children penniless. This left Ronald as head of the family at only 20 years of age.
Through private sponsorship out of Germany, he was able to complete his studies. He is now a lecturer for teacher training at a university in Kampala, Uganda.
It has long been his dream to found a secondary school that offers a chance for education not just to students who can pay the school fees.
Ronald won the land for the school in a radio/TV Quiz show as a prize. He started with only a few loyal friends, a loan, and self-made fired bricks.
The school opened on February 11th, 2011 as a day school. Since then, it has been expanded to also provide room and board for those without a home or who live too far away.
As part of the expansions over the last few years, several classrooms, dormitories, and sanitary facilities were built.
The clay bricks for these expansions were made onsite using traditional methods, while the roof, windows, doors, and cement floor were financed through donations.

As a next step, we would now like to provide accommodations for five teachers on the school premises.
Until now, it was only possible to rent space for the teachers that lived too far away for a daily commute. Having rooms onsite would save rental and transportation costs, as well as provide more adult supervision overnight on the premises.

You can take a look at for more information on the development of the school over the past years.