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Closed Support the baz counseling and action centre in Friedland!

The BAZ (Beratungs- und Aktionszentrum) is an independent center for counselling and political action. Free of any charge we provide information, counselling and legal advice on refugee’s rights during the approval-of-asylum process.

Nele J. from Beratungs-und Aktionszentrum Friedland e.V.Write a message

In May 2014, the counseling and action centre (baz) started opened its doors close to the refugee reception centre in Friedland. The baz is an independent project with an aim to antiracial actions. The project wants to act directly against exclusion and institutional racism and acts as a networking platform for activists and refugees.
After one and a half years and rising needs for counseling, internet, German courses and leisure activities we will now move to bigger and better rooms in Friedland.
We want to create an internet café, a nice room for learning or playing, an office for counseling and a wardrobe for free clothes. We will also have a kitchen with the opportunity to cook and prepare coffee or tea. A women*s day will give women* and children the opportunity to have fun together and relax and a free bike rental opportunity enhances mobility for refugees. We offer German courses, counseling for the asylum procedure and computer courses. In our former rooms, the internet café was very attractive for our users. A free use of internet, an essential need to connect with family and friends in other countries and to get information, is not supplied by the camp itself. Therefore we supply WiFi, 10 Computers and an opportunity to print documents. The baz has always been full of people and is an important meeting point for refugees in Friedland, a small township with very bad infrastructure. For many people from Göttingen and surroundings and for the refugees themselves the baz is an important room for getting to know people from other culture and network. There are many stories of beautiful encounters and new cultural and human experiences around the baz!
Especially in the current situation, in which more than 3000 people have to live in a place that was constructed for 700 there is an enormous need for help in Friedland. Our task is to stand by the refugees and show solidarity by the means of many offers. Apart from one Minijob, we all work voluntarily without compensations. This takes a lot of our time, but also offers much in return! As we are completely independent of other, bigger help organizations, we need to cover the rent, running expenses, coffee, books, writing material and many other things merely by donations. Please help us!

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