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A. Olsson
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About this project


GSBTB is an urban integration platform aimed at mobilizing and coordinating new Berliners in local social projects all throughout Berlin. We bring together different Berlin worlds that wouldn’t normally meet and help them work together for a better city. It’s thinking global, acting local, learning multicultural at it’s best!

GSBTB started with a spontaneous Facebook post, grew into a grassroots movement and has become a full-blown project platform. In the first 2 years GSBTB built up a network with over 600 volunteers from 45 countries in 60 social organizations across 10 Berlin districts. All this we did without any financial support from the city (ok we’re lying – we did receive €500 when we won the Blue Bear Prize for European Integration from the Senate and European Commission).


We guess you’ve noticed all those people in the media wanting to help lately? Some actions are lovely spontaneous initiatives, but in order for them to create more long-term sustainable engagement, they need organizations like ours! The last two years we’ve established a track record for doing projects for and together with self-organized refugee initiatives. Such as:

- setting up English and German classes in several refugee homes that have been running every week for two years now.
- arranging weekly social cooking events to strengthen friendships between refugees and non-refugees.
- founding a refugee music collaboration that developed into an alive n’ kickin real band
- organizing welcoming parties, theatre projects and creative workshops with kids, donating money, computers, installing Internet in isolated refugee homes and much MUCH more.

GSBTB doesn’t only work with refugees, though. We’ve been doing afterschool activities in social centres, mentoring at girls’ clubs, volunteering at homeless shelters, organizing creative workshops for less-fortunate kids, and working in elderly homes to mention just a few.


As the “refugee crisis” went viral in the media over the last month or so, hundreds of people now turn to us every week wanting to get involved in projects. But coordinating hundreds of new and old volunteers and projects takes TIME and time is money.

It sure would be a shame to let this energy and interest go to waste – together we have a unique chance to build a new culture of living together; in Berlin, Germany and Europe. To channel this energy and create more community integration in Berlin. That is why we need your help!

AND MY €€'S?
Currently we only have a few people working for free with no public funding. The next months will be critical for supporting the huge influx of refugees, as well as people who want to help. We’re sure you realize that donated t-shirts and cheering new arrivals at the train station only goes so far. We would love to pay some of the activist to oversee the operations, build the network&realise the massive potential this project has.