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Funded Support RefugeesGR in Lesvos Greece

Mytilene, Greece

Self organized Refugee camp in pikpa, Lesvos Greece providing shelter, food and medical aid to the most vulnerable of them. Donations will be used to equip the place with basic infrastructure. Main objectives are toilets, Med care and fire protection

Perikles T.
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Dear all,

Thank you all for contributing in any way possible.

I spent most of my time in Pikpa in Mytilene which is a "squatted" old camp that it had been used as a social camping in the past. Currently, in this self-organized camp there are around 160 refugees living in tents and wooden dorms.
There is a group called "The Village of All Together" trying to provide food, shelter and medical aid to the most vulnerable ones like pregnant women, disabled people and families, who lost a member during the journey.

I would like to inform you that our first donations were spent mostly in infrastructure needs in pikpa. Things like ladders, tools, iron selves, pans, pots, cutlery etc. are being used to organize the space a bit better. There are much more needed in order to call it a decent place.
There is a great response from all over Greece and abroad concerning clothes and food.
So the biggest challenge for them and us is to go a step further than providing just water with cookies and a pair of shoes.
At this moment only two toilets are working for all these people and the medical assistance is taking place in a room with a couple of chairs and no table.

During my stay i met a lot of good people doing their best to help and I am planning to continue supporting them. You are all very welcome to take part in this or in any other initiative.

I am also available and happy to provide you more info about their needs concerning medicines and other supplies.