Funded Water and Sanitation Improvements in Uganda

An aid project by J. Mellor in Kalisizo, Uganda

J. Mellor (Project Manager)

J. Mellor
Rakai District, Uganda suffers from an inordinate amount of diarrheal disease caused by the lack of health and sanitation facilities and poor public knowledge about ways to improve their situation. This project aims to reduce those diarrheal incidences through the provision of pit latrines, household water treatment devices, hand-washing stations and intensive education about ways to improve their living conditions. These interventions will each be done once in four different villages, with the last village getting all of the above interventions. The interventions will be selected by each village in consultation with the project staff based on their priority needs. In addition, each community will select a health and sanitation committee, who will be in charge of promoting the use and maintenance of the community’s new infrastructure as well as educating their peers about better health and sanitation practices. As a further indicator of success, diarrheal incidences before and after implementation will be measured and the various intervention technologies will be compared.

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Location: Kalisizo, Uganda

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