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Closed Refugees Welcome Phase 2: International Expansion & Further Development

A project from Mensch Mensch Mensch e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

Why shouldn't refugees in Germany be able to live in shared flats (or other normal housing situations) instead of mass accommodation? We thought the same & found a way to make it possible.

Jonas K.
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About this project

Refugees Welcome Phase 2: International Expansion & Further Development

"Refugees Welcome" is a platform, which has been arranging private living space for refugees in shared accommodation on a nationwide basis since November 2014. This is partly through traditional shared flats or houses, but also within other forms of private lodgings such as with families or single parents – the important thing is that it involves a form of communal living with all the advantages that entails. All information on the project can be found at

It is our belief that refugees should not be stigmatised and excluded within large-scale living facilities, but rather that we should offer them a warm welcome.

The aim of “Refugees Welcome” is actively to establish and develop communication between people with differing social und cultural backgrounds. In the long term we want to contribute to the creation of an open society, in which a culture of welcome towards refugees and communal solidarity are considered the norm. By establishing a common life-style shared by both asylum seekers and local people, refugees will no longer be socially excluded.

Your donations so far have enabled us to build up our own sustainable structures and as an independent organisation we have already arranged places in shared accommodation for more than 85 refugees in Germany.

Our core team consists of 6 people working in the following departments: Practical Accommodation Arrangement, Media Coordination & Public Relations, Design & Technology, and International Expansion. We continue to do all we can to structure "Refugees Welcome" as an effective and sustainable organisation, and thereby give as many refugees as possible the opportunity to live in shared flats or houses instead of in large scale collective accommodation.

In addition we are assisted by more than 60 volunteer supporters, without whom our work would not be possible.

Now we’re moving on: following countless worldwide media reports, we are now in a position, from our base on Berlin, to establish teams in many other countries, which share our vision of a new culture of welcome and would like to establish branches of "Refugees Welcome" in their locations. Austria is the first new country in which our concept has now been operating successfully since January 2015. Their team has already been able to arrange places for more than 50 people in shared accommodation. In the coming weeks we expect that with our support at least three further countries will come on stream.

Additionally we are currently setting up local groups in many cities in Germany so that we can make more effective arrangements in situ.

In order to continue to carry out our operations in the same intensive and motivated manner as we have done so far, our work will have to be financially remunerated. That is why we are using this appeal to ask for financial donations. We are very grateful for your support.