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Childhood will not come back!

A project from Ethiopia Arise e.V.
in Melga Kocho bei Hawassa, Ethiopia

Ethiopia Arise e.V. Lack of education in Africa. Schools for Ethiopia. Village Children South Ethiopia. Build School Ethiopia. Classroom Hawassa. Help Africa. Donate Education Ethiopia. Christians in Ethiopia. Sidama Region. Save a Smile.

Ruth und Klaus B.
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About this project

Missed education during childhood can hinder us for the whole life and blocks our potential.

In the Ethiopian countryside long distance walks to the next governmental school with 80 to 100 students per class are common for children. Because of that the education starts often at the age of 10 years and ends far to early when their manpower is needed to assist their families with farm work. To empower the village children with timely education we have built a Kindergarten. To give our Kindergarten children the possibility to continue their education we would like to take a next step: The construction of a primary school.


Eight years ago Ruth Kemere Betz moved with her husband Klaus Betz from Germany back to her homeland Ethiopia. Motivated by their Christian lifestyle the couple started to help underprivileged children of single mothers. For that reason they founded a children’s home in Addis Ababa where they offer day care for by now 100 children of single mothers. Most of these children had lived with their mothers on the dangerous streets of Addis Ababa and had to beg for a living.

Other children lived isolated in the countryside without any practical access to education in their home villages like Melga Kocho (300 km south of Addis Ababa), the birthplace of Ruth Kemere Betz.

The huge lack of support for many children in Ethiopia made Klaus and Ruth Kemere Betz found the non-profit organization Ethiopia Arise in 2008. Since then the couple has worked with underprivileged children in Addis Ababa and since 2014 they also work in the specially built kindergarten in Melga Kocho in the south of Ethiopia. There are about 100 children who now have the opportunity to go to a kindergarten for the first time in their lives. To offer those children a continuing education, Ethiopia Arise wants to extend the existing amount of facilities and build a basic primary school up to fourth grade.

Therefore the following things need to be financed:

• Classroom for the grades 1-4
• Furniture for the classes 1-4
• An office for the school management with accommodation for teachers and volunteers
• Furniture for the office and accommodation
• Multifunctional room with furniture
• Library
• Books and furniture for library
• School equipment for children at school and kindergarten
• T-Shirts and some kind of school uniform for 130 children

The actual costs are paid by Ethiopia Arise through a sponsorship program for socially disadvantaged children and through low school fees for children whose families can afford them.

Klaus and Ruth Kemere Betz
Co-Founders of Ethiopia Arise