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Fundraising for a lifesaving surgery for David

Fundraising David esophageal atresia surgery

V. Schillings from Keks e.V.Write a message

David is now 14 months old. He was born in June 2014 – and his family was more than happy to welcome him and his identical twin Tom to their family of three. Their brother Matti, at the time 2 years old, was super excited to not only get one but two brothers at once.

The day the twins were born was one of the happiest days for this young family. The day after, however, the family’s life turned upside down – David didn't drink. He didn't swallow. Right away, he was diagnosed with a malformation of the esophagus. His esophagus was not connected to his stomach (esophageal atresia) and instead there was a fistula from his stomach to his lung. David was directly sent to surgery, and it seemes that everything was fixed, within the first twenty-four hours of his life. Everyone thought all would be alright…. but unfortunately, this was only the start of a very long and painful journey. Instead of getting better, things got worse.

David experienced multiple complications and developed a new fistula from his esophagus to his trachea, which is something that had to be repaired in another extensive and complicated surgery. Unfortunately, it didn’t stop there - after

3 months in the hospital they found out that he had developed a new second fistula. This time the surgery took 9 hours and there were severe problems with his ventilation afterwards.

David needed to stay in hospital care for another 3 months, the entire time on ICU. In January 2015, when David was 6 month old, his family was able to bring him home, in high hopes that he could grow up with his brothers.However, he stayed in a very fragile condition. In July 2015 he had a medical check-up and a third refistula was found- this time going from his esophagus directly to his lung and the trachea. The family's dream of reaching a somewhat normal state was crushed. Another surgery will have to be done to remove the fistula.

This is a very rare and severe complication that hasn’t occured in Germany in such severity in the last years.

Despite their best efforts and attempts to help David, the surgeons in Germany do not have extensive experience concerning cases like his and as this has to be his last surgery in the esophagus we, as family and friends of the family, cannot risk anything.

Therefore the family has decided to travel to Boston to have the surgery done at Childrens Hospital Boston, which is specialized in treating this deformity – kids from all over the world are seen there and receive life-saving surgeries after they had had previous surgeries with unsatisfactory results or have developed complications, as David did.

The costs for this surgery are incredible high, and despite some contribution, are not fully covered by German health insurance.

We want nothing more than to see David grow up together with his twin brother Tom – like peas in a pod, as they were meant to – and with his older brother Matti.

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