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For a better welcoming culture at schools - a campaign throughout Germany

Pupils help refugees: a campaign throughout Germany for a better welcoming culture and integration at schools. Pupils develop ideas for their school, independently implement them, many start sponsor runs. Role models are awarded.

B. Gebert from Das macht Schule Förderverein e.V.Write a message

Many refugees are minors, and about a third of them are children under 14 years.  They understand as little about our culture as we know about theirs. They need our help after all the suffering they’ve been through. They need to feel welcome here. 
Our mission: We want to support a good welcoming culture in Germany - at school! For this we are calling on all schools and teachers to enable their pupils to develop ideas for improving the welcoming culture at their own school and then also drive their implementation. They fund their campaign with sponsor runs and support its dissemination. And while they do all this, they help local refugee initiatives at the same time. 
The students carry the refugee topic into their families, where openness for other cultures - or its opposite, xenophobia - is rooted. Sponsor runs and press coverage have a positive impact on public awareness. In this way schools can become centers of tolerance and openness for other cultures. And what is best: The students also learn very precious lessons: They learn to develop compassion. They learn to actively find ways how to help others. And they learn how to actually act on their compassion. 
We support the schools with teaching materials, project and sponsor run organization coaching, press and PR support, expert advice, and ideas. We are also organizing the award on a Federal level. 
Our cooperation partner youngcaritas Germany supports us with structures, networks and information & teaching materials specifically addressed to young people.
The campaign is completely funded and supported by the students. 
100 % of the donations benefit the refugee campaign.
All this needs start-up assistance. We are an NGO with no economic interests, and we need help with our costs for developing check lists and project templates, for activating and accompanying the schools, etc. 
Become part of a great movement and support us.

Just visualize the news reporting on students all over Germany committed to improving the welcoming culture of Germany. What a wonderful counteract against all those xenophobic news that would be! 
Help us with your donation!
Here are a few examples of student school campaigns: Students introduce refugees to their hometown. They use their school’s computer room for language teachings. They help refugees with their homework. They become mentors, cook with refugees, organize info events, watch out for limitations of refugee children’s rights. They develop new municipal administration ideas, use facts against prejudice, bring their parents and refugee parents together. They engage retired teachers for language courses or act themselves as teachers for refugees. 
Please support us!
Thank you for your help.

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