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Education for everybody in Didango, Cameroon

A project from Network African Rural and Urban Development e.V.
in Didango, Cameroon

In the village Didango in Cameroon, there is a high necessity of educational infrastructure. To offer an education after 6th grade to the children, we want to build two aditional buildings for the secondary school and a room for the day care center.

A. Lamere
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About this project

In the village Didango in Cameroon, there is a high necessity of educational infrastructure, like in many other villages of Cameroon. For many pupils, their school career ends with the successful completion of 6th grade because the secondary school doesn’t have enough capacity for all the children in the region and most of the families are not able to send their children to the next college which ist 12 km away. The secondary school in Didango has only two rooms, each of them separated by a wall of plywood so there are four areas where classes of 60 pupils are taught. In total there are 240 pupils being taught within a really small area.
Furthermore a spatial-use conflict between the primary school and the day care center is rising up at the moment. There is a continually rising demand for places at the primary school and they need more space that is used by the day care center that is using a room of the primary school since three years. The primary school as well as the day care center are overcrowded.

Our goal is to improve the quality of the education as well as the opportunity to get a secondary education for children and joung adults in Didango, Bafole, Mapare and Koumpelap by expanding the capacity of the existing educational institutions.
Therefore we want to build two additional buildings at the secondary school containing two new classrooms each. We want to equip these new rooms with in total 120 desks including seats. Furthermore there will be employed four new teachers at the secondary school.
At the primary school we want build one new building with two rooms which can be used by the day care center.
The schools also lack sanitary facilities that are especially important now, that the number of students will be increasing.

The buildings will be constructed in a safe and resistant way according to local standards so the pupils are protected from all kinds of weather conditions.
The constructing as well as auxiliary activities will be mainly accomplished by parents and young men from the area. In addition we will provide them with professional supporters and an experienced construction manager.

To be able to fund the construction of the new school buildings we still need construction materials valued at 1500€ as well as the equipment of the classrooms like tables including seats.
Furthermore we still lack the funding of the sanitary facilities that are urgently needed.

About 80 children of preschool age, 180 primary school kids and 240 children of the secondary school will benefit from aou project.

The whole project is organized by NARUD e.V. and its partner organization ADDC in Cameroon. Together we have successful accomplished similar projects and have always been able to achieve a partnership on equal terms (more about our cooperation with ADDC under NARUD e.V.). There will be two persons from ADDC leading, accompanying and monitoring the project.