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Student House Fundraiser: Let's furnish it!

A project from Puente Nica e.V.
in Tipitapa, Nicaragua

We are building a student house in Managua, where our talented but financially disadvantaged young scholars from Nicaraguan rural villages can live while studying. Help us to furnish it and welcome the first residents!

S. Schmidt
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About this project

A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.
–Neil Gaiman

In Nicaragua, books are a rarity. Reading is not a common habit, and a good education is a privilege for the rich. Many of the people will never have the means to get a career and provide a better future for themselves and their families. Especially young women from the countryside have little chances to get a degree that can open the door to a permanent and decently paid job.

Our projects aim to improve educational opportunities in Nicaragua. We consider education as a right that everyone is entitled to, and we see it as key for sustainable development. We aspire to give young, academically outstanding and financially disadvantaged Nicaraguans from the rural countryside through scholarships and a safe place to live the change to take their future into their one hands. 

We need YOUR help to furnish our newest project: A student house in Managua, where our scholarship holders can live during the semester. We want to equip each room with a bed, a desk, a desk lamp, a chair and a wardrobe. 

We have already managed to fund: 
2 Desk Lamps
1 Wardrobe
1 Bed
1 Chair
1 Desk

Thank you do very much for supporting us!