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Investment in the Future

Luxor, Egypt

Ahmed has the dream to study and you may make it come true.

A. Weber from Ägyptologische Forschergemeinschaft Berlin e. V. | 
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About this project

Since a couple of times there exists the problem that just wealthy adolescents in Egypt have the possibility to study as the enrollment fees are too high. Therefore just a few people may qualify theirselves for a well paid position with which the whole family is served.
Ahmed is one of the graduates who finished his school just with financial support by his german friends. Additionally he had to work in the quarries to procure the rest of the money for his classes. Since he finished his school in summer 2015 by honors it is nearly impossible for him to realize his dream of a continuative study.
In spite of a less contribution by his studying friends from Europe it is unfortunately not possible to raise the sum of monthly 700 Euro for 4 to 5 years. You may prevent that the investment in the future of this young intelligent and promising man was not in vain by your donation. It is our collective goal to enable Ahmed and his family a good and fair life through education in the future.
He is a member of the Association and has the possibility to get involved in projects after his studies. Therefore he will be an important connector for a successful international collaboration between students and scientists and he may serve as a role model for other less privileged youngsters.
If you are interested to support Ahmed with a meritocratic and fair study, we apply to your help which will benefit not only one man but a whole family afterwards.
Updated at 18. September 2020