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Closed Vocational school for tailoring and fashion design Foumban, Cameroon

With our project we want to contribute to the improvement of vocational education in Cameroon and to support equal opportunities. Therefore we want to establish the first dual training center for vocational education in tailoring in Foumban.

A. Lamere from Network African Rural and Urban Development e.V.Write a message

Main Goal of our project is to contribute to the improvement of the vocational education in Cameroon and to support equal opportunities with the general ideal of lifelong learning. Therefore we want to realize the establishment of the first dual training center for vocational education in tailoring in Foumban with a capacity of up to 200 apprentices.

Foumban is on the one hand famous for the production and distribution of cotton fabric and traditional robes, called Pagne, which are worn throughout western Africa, on the other hand it is known for the unique Tribe culture of the Bamum. Due to traditional festivals, which take place every other year and are visited by thousands of people, there is a high demand for traditional robes. Therefore tailoring is one of the most important industrial sectors of the economy in Foumban. Nevertheless Foumban lacks a vocational school for fashion and tailoring.

Especially young school dropouts, - mainly young females, who are living in the muslim part of Cameroon, do not have the possibility to continue school after primary school because the fees are too high in comparison to the family income, furthermore the education of boys is preferred. Therefore many young women just get an informal education without certificate or state authentication which leads to a massive structural consolidation of educational, economical and legal insecurity, especially for marginalized groups like women, young girls and disabled people.
We want to offer an education to this group of people to contribute to their self-reliance, independence and financial security.

However the funding of the vocational school, the development as well as the long-term institutionalization, is a big challenge. Therefore we have to charge annual fees of 198,20€ (220,15$)per person which is too high to afford for most of the group of people we are focusing on:
• Young, deprived people without a proper qualification
• Young people from the informal sector
With ADDC (you find more information about this organization in the description of our own organization NARUD e.V.) we have a reliable partner-organization in Cameroon. Through a wide range network and cooperation with local enterprises and public institutions we want to establish a practically-based vocational training and further job possibilities. For a profound knowledge and skilled manual education we want to guarantee that the factory rooms in the school are supplied with enough machines that the apprentices can learn to operate, also we want to enable them to learn how to work with a computer.

The goal is to include 80 deprived adolescents into the program annually. After finishing the education two years later with a certificate, they will have better possibilities on the employment market and more income security.

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